Monday, 11 July 2011

Ice Cream Cravings: Satisfied!

Yesterday my mom asked me to buy some ice cream and bread at the nearby supermarket, which she will served for the prayer meeting here in our house. Of course no more negotiations there, because I love going to the market and I can buy whatever flavor I wanted. When I was already in the ice cream section, I realized mom can't eat chocolate ice cream, so I tried looking for her favorite flavor - the Halo Halo. At first I thought I might just visit a different store or get another flavor, but thankful to the supermarket staff who digged into their freezer just to check, I was able to take home the Nestle Temptations Halo Halo ice cream.

I was already okay with that, but as I walked to the counter, something else caught my eye: the Magnolia Strawberry ice cream!

Needless to say, I bought the ice cream (pint) as I am not fond of the halo halo flavor. Ice cream is one of my comfort foods, and I enjoy eating it even on a cold weather. Actually, I can eat 800ml of ice cream in one seating, and would still crave for more (my sister will have goosebumps reading this - she can't consume that much ice cream because her tummy reacts quite fast). After eating dinner I ate this for dessert and shared a tablespoon of it to my sister because my brother was already eating the left over halo-halo flavor. This one is 425ml for 65php.

I loved my weekend, how about you?


ps - sis said the Halo Halo ice cream was better than the typical ice cream because it was creamier and was packed with many halo halo ingredients.


  1. Hahahaha. :)

    Ang mahal na ng ice cream ngayon, pero masarap pa rin talaga ang Magnolia ice cream.

  2. oooh, fave yan ng niece ko (she only eats either strawberry or mango, lol)! yup, ice cream (or frozen yoghurt) is a fave kahit anong oras at panahon. :)

    enjoy the rest of the week, Jesz!

  3. magnolia ice cream, super sarap!

    here for weekend eating!

    see yah!

  4. we don't have magnolia here but at least merong nestle, hehehe! we always have ice cream in our grocery list because kids loves it...:) we had great weekend as always! visiting you from WE, happy Tuesday! :)