Thursday, 28 July 2011

Gerry's Grill - Ginataang Kuhol

I really love eating at Gerry’s Grill because of the ambiance and their affordable foods. In college, my friends and I always hang out at Gerry’s Grill Ali Mall branch because of one dish: the Ginataang Kuhol. At first I was hesitant to try it, but when I did try it, I was instantly hooked.

This serving of Ginataang Kuhol was something a friend and I shared. Both of us are now out of school, but whenever we meet, we sometimes go to our favorite branch just to eat this. Actually, even if I am with the family or some other friends and we would eat at any Gerry's Grill branch, I would always order this (with special request to the wait staff to serve this first - as quick as possible), so we could eat it while waiting for the other dishes to be served.

I guess there was something about how they cook this that made me love it a lot. The blend of all the flavors - coconut milk (or cream), shrimp paste and the ginger was just so good... plus, the slurping sounds add to the fun of eating it, too. Well, they do provide toothpicks to help take out the meat inside the shell, but sometimes, a little slurping sound makes the eating more enjoyable.



  1. The first time I ate kuhol was at Baryo Fiesta. It was also ginataang kuhol and ang sarap.

    Late visit for FTF sis. Hope you can visit mine.

  2. hi jesz, naku, super miss ko na iyan...penge din ako, hehehe! visiting you from FTF and FF, have a great weekend. :)

  3. I think I was only in elementary the last time I ate Kuhol. :(

  4. haven't tried this for the longest time!
    kuhol infestation was a problem at my father's rice fields decades ago (hehehe, ganun na katagal!), and we had loads of these for weeks! lol.
    we had too many of them around, that my father decided to give most of them to the ducks...lucky ducks! we had a good harvest of duck eggs those days... :D

    happy weekend, Jesz!

  5. I didn't know Gerry's Grill had Ginataang Kuhol. I love it! It's something I eat only when I'm visiting my Aunt in the province.

    The Twerp and I

  6. I miss eating ginataang kuhol. Back then I wouldn't even touch the snails served at the table, but this is one dish that made me love them!

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  7. I've never tried kuhol but it looks delicious! What kind of restaurant is that served at?

  8. wow ginataang kuhol malimit magluto ko ang lola ko ng ganyn d2 sa batangas at tlga nman todo kain ako.. tnx po for sharing this one...