Friday, 1 July 2011

Shabu Shabu

Food trip this week was at Healthy Shabu Shabu. Actually, these pictures were taken from not so distant past, I was just happy that I can now use the old desktop PC here at home and seeing these old pictures, I thought I'd share these on my blog, too.

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese dish that is cooked on the table in a simmering pot of broth then dipped into a sauce. There are quite a number of shabu-shabu restaurants here in the Philippines (my first taste was at Maxim's Tea House - which was our late father's favorite), but the best for me would have to be the Shabu Shabu served in Healthy Shabu Shabu. Yeah, I worked there for 11 months but I'm not biased in any way, it's just that, their soup is really tasty and their sauce is superb for me. One big factor I liked was that they don't use MSG and I know how they take care of their ingredients (vegetables, fruits, and meat) to ensure that all foods are fresh when served to the costumers. Another plus was that each guest has their own pot, so they can cook their Shabu Shabu according to their liking.

Here in Healthy Shabu-Shabu, guests can choose the meat and seafoods they want, and of course they can also opt for the combination of the two. If you have an allergy in any one of the item, just tell the server about it, and they will gladly change it. Set meals can be good for one person or good for groups (group set for four comes with free iced tea, and good for six to ten person comes with free fruit juice and Japanese halo-halo).

Different set meals in Healthy Shabu Shabu:

The vegetable set contains pechay (either Tagalog or Taiwan pechay), black mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, taro, corn, tofu, fish cake crabstick, squid balls, mushroom meatballs, meatballs, vermicelli and egg noodles. This one is good for one person but it's quite big enough to share as well.

The Chicken Set with Seafood A contains shrimp, oyster, sea cucumber fish fillet and squid, and cost around 535Php. This is the cheapest set on a shabu, but I personally found the chicken fillet tasteless. Well, that's just my personal opinion; any shabu-shabu meal I ate with chicken in it is something I am not fond of.

The Vegetable Set, like I said earlier can be ordered as is, but for group meals (good for four), guests can choose what kind of meat they want, and aside from the meat, their meal also comes with the Vegetable Set. Meat choices include:

Angus Deluxe (2,460Php) - This my favorite shabu-shabu meat, it’s very tasty and is really a perfect tandem with the soup. This is also available for one person, by the way.

Angus with Wagyu Beef Deluxe (3,870Php) - If you prefer two meats, I suggest you go for this one, but it's only applicable for deluxe plate (good for four people). This is not available as a single serving.

Just so you know, the darker meat is the Wagyu Beef, the reddish one is the Angus beef.

Beef Tenderloin with Shrimp Deluxe (2,680Php) - My favorite set in here, because of the tiger prawns, beef and vegetable. Although the beef tenderloin is not as tender as the Angus, it's still delicious and is a cheaper choice for people who just wanted to eat beef.

For dessert, they have the Japanese Halo-Halo and the Fruit Mix Plate. This is served with crushed ice on top of the fruits so it will be cold (obviously).

Aside from shabu-shabu, this restaurant also have rice toppings, noodles and tempura, as well as fruit juices and shakes.

These pictures were taken at Healthy Shabu Shabu located on the second floor of Shangri-La Plaza, beside Fish and Co. However, as of this writing, this branch will be unavailable because of the current renovation / construction in the area. Should you want to taste their foods, I suggest you visit their other branches - they have one in Robinson's Galleria, the Podium, Rockwell (The Powerplant Mall), Alabang Town Center, and SM Mall of Asia.



  1. I experienced eating shabu shabu twice lang when I was still in PI, sarap!

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  2. we love eating there! it has been months since we visited them, but usually we eat at their SM North (The Block) branch. :)

  3. Love shabu shabu!Yummy and healthy!

    Happy FTF!

  4. i enjoy eating shabu-shabu with my brothers--it's their favorite. ako naman, feeling ko, lugi ako.*LOL*

  5. The first time I experienced Shabu-Shabu as at Tong Yang in Megamall, jurassic years ago,lol!

  6. lots of shabu-shabu type of restaurant here in penh and we always enjoy it...just like it paired with bbq din! my family loves it...yummy! : have a great weekend!

  7. wow i wanna try shabu2 too... looks so healthy!

  8. lufet sa karne

    i have a drink for that yummy food in this entry

    happy weekend