Friday, 24 June 2011

Espasol (Sweet Rice Cake)

{First up, let me thank Ms. Willa of Food Trip Friday for choosing my Pinakbet as the Featured Food of the Week.}

My friend Anne hailed from San Rafael, Bulacan. She now lives in Metro Manila with her Aunt because of our work, so there were times when she would miss her family. One time she went home in Bulacan, she brought us some espasol as pasalubong, and all of us at the restaurant where we used to work loved it. It was very tasty and it had a different taste compared to those being sold on the streets. I got to ask her to buy me some for my family last Christmastime, but even if I forgot to bring home the espasol the day Anne gave them to me and it had to wait for one more day before I was able to take it home, my family still loved it despite it's already "hardened" stage, because I left it in the restaurant's chiller.

Now that we both resigned at the restaurant, we seldom see each other, but we are still good friends. Whenever she would tell me she would travel back to Manila, I would always ask to bring some espasol, and last week, she bought me two boxes.

Espasol is a Filipino cake which originated in the province of Laguna. It’s made in coconut milk, shredded coconut, sugar and glutinous rice flour and dust it with sweet rice flour. Like most native delicacies, it is difficult to stir so much love is needed when making this.

Like what's printed on the box, this was made by Tessie's. Their factory is just near Anne's place, so whenever she buys some, I am sure that she gets the freshest espasol. Each box costs about 100php, and each box has about 48 pieces inside. My family loves it so much and my mom eats it like she was eating popcorn. My brother want to share this to his girlfriend living in Cagayan de oro, but Anne said the manufacturer only makes the espasol if they have a bulk order, so it's always not certain that I can get her to buy some whenever she travels back to Bulacan. I am just thankful that this time, Tessie's had an order and their family just added some more to the order.



  1. nice... buti it's big. some espasol sold on side streets are so small.. puro wrapper lang. hehe

  2. i love espasol! during college days i used to bring some for my sisters when i go home during the weekend (sa Laguna kasi ako nagcollege, lol). pero ako pa rin ang nakakaubos. hehehe...
    would love to try this brand! :)

    stay safe and dry this weekend
    ps. bilis magchange ng template! :)

  3. @Maiylah... walang magawa kaninang umaga kaya pinalitan ko na yung template nitong blog ni sis, ako lang kasi ang awake. :)

    BTW, thanks for saying there was a problem with the the comment box.

  4. masarap yan! fave ko yan, penge puhhlleeaasee :(

    visiting from FTF!

    here's mine:

    hope to see you,thanks!

  5. i love espasol at isa iyan sa namimiss kong pagkain sa pinas! tinakam mo naman ako sis! anyway, have a great weekend! :)

  6. I miss espasol. :( Now I'm craving for one.

    Doing my hop from this week's FTF! Here's mine:

    Breakfast for Dinner at The Food Encounters.

  7. Another popular pasalubong treat,specially from Laguna.

  8. love espasol, sayang di man lang ako nakatikim nyan nung nasa Pinas kami 2 weeks ago :-(

  9. yap sarap nyan lalo na yung gawa sa may binagbag the best...wala sa saudi nyan eh!

  10. san po nkakabili nya dito sa metro manila?i need that badly e papang regalo ko po sana pls email me sana matulongan nyo po ako

  11. di pa man ako nakatikim niyan piro na sisiguro ko masarap yan
    gusto ko nga sanang gumawa niyan eh....

  12. Do you have contact number of Tessie's espasol?