Monday, 20 June 2011

"Beef Noodles"

When I was still working at a Korean restaurant, my supervisor was always having a difficulty budgeting our daily meals. December last year, the owner of the restaurant added more staff because it was peak season, and we need to budget the 600 pesos meal allowance a day for 15 people.

I learned this dish from our kitchen helper, it was just instant noodles added with some bony cuts of pork and bok choy. It was just perfect warm our tummies before we proceed to our duty.

Last Saturday, mom asked me to cooked “Nilagang Ribs ng Baka” for dinner. After I cooked the beef ribs in a pressure cooker, I set aside some pieces and added it in a bowl of instant noodles added with bok choy. It became my dinner that night, and it was really, really comforting!



  1. Amg sarap naman, magawa nga yan minsan.

  2. if you did not mentioned it is instant noodles,I can't even tell :)

  3. yummm...perfect on rainy days like today! :)

  4. mukhang ang sarap-sarap...magaya nga! :)